Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Rebuttal to the Grey Faction Lucien Greaves presentation about SMART and additional Grey Faction information about Neil Brick

Rebuttal to the Grey Faction Lucien Greaves presentation about SMART and additional Grey Faction information about Neil Brick
Recently Lucien Greaves (aka Doug Mesner) and Sarah Ponto Rivera spoke at a conference about Satanism’s fight against “witch hunters.” They state they are part of the “Grey Faction.” Their presentation contains many falsehoods, distortions and inaccuracies.

Mr. Mesner has harassed SMART and other survivors and helpers of ritual abuse for several years online. We believe aliases have been used adding additional insults and name calling against survivors. We believe this is an attempt to silence child abuse and ritual abuse survivors and their helpers.

Many of the articles written in rebuttal about his repeated attacks can be found at:

Lucien Greaves (aka Doug Mesner) begins the presentation discussing an overview of the field.
His overview is scientifically inaccurate. He talks about conspiracists, yet those working in the ritual abuse field have strong evidence to back their theories. Some of the theories are listed at:

Proof the Ritual Abuse Exists

Ritual Abuse References

He talks about the idea of “satanic panic” yet there was no panic. There were a variety of child abuse cases being exposed in the 1980s and 1990s and some contained ritual abuse and Satanic elements.

He discussed the idea of multiple personality disorder (now called Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID). This is a legitimate and scientifically proven mental health condition, which continues to be listed in the latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) released in the last year.

Research on DID is at https://ritualabuse.us/research/
There are a few extremists in the mental health field, like any field, that believe DID does not exist. There is no legitimate scientific data that validates this.

Mr. Greaves (aka Mesner) discusses the idea of repressed memories.
There are many studies that show fairly high corroboration rates for recovered memories.

He talks about a “sales booth” at one of SMART’s conferences. The table was one of many that contained clothing items that block electronic magnetic rays from users for health reasons. These items were only at one of our 18 conferences and were brought by an independent vendor to the conference. Yet Mr. Greaves repeatedly discusses this topic to discredit our work and adds to it by talking about “tin foil hats” (there were no such hats at the conference).

He attributes further theories to SMART and its conference attendees that many do not prescribe to. This misattribution is used to further malign and discredit our work to help child abuse survivors.

Sarah Ponto Rivera presents the second half of the material with more factual inaccuracies.
She states: “Neil Brick believes he is a CIA super soldier.” This is not true. Neil Brick does not believe this, this characterization is only used to further discredit Neil Brick and SMART’s work to help survivors. She continues: “Pretty much any conspiracy theory kind of just take a part of it and you’ve got Neil Brick.” Neil Brick does not believe in conspiracy theories (only factually accurate information) and all information presented on our website is researched in detail before it is added to the website.

She repeatedly mentions that Neil Brick “admitted when in an altered state of mind which he believes was in another personality of his that he raped and murdered.” Neil does write about being forced as a small child to kill in a cult. This was against his will and many others have written about being forced to kill as children in cults and gangs. Ms. Rivera incorrectly extrapolates further that this may mean that Neil Brick may not be of “good moral character.” She makes this statement, yet she does not know Neil Brick and has never met Neil Brick. Neil has worked for years under severe harassment like this to help survivors of child abuse and makes sure that information and research make it out to the public about child abuse crimes.

She discusses how “a complaint was filed through one of our Grey Faction members and to his licensing board and they dismissed the complaint without prejudice.” The complaint was dismissed and Neil Brick was found fit to practice with sound moral character. This was after a full year of review from several sources. Ms. Rivera’s perspective may be biased by her work with the “Grey Faction.” During her presentation she discusses filing a complaint against another person. SMART believes these type of complaints may be part of a harassment campaign to silence anti-child abuse advocates and helpers.

In conclusion, we believe that many statements made against SMART and Neil Brick during the video were inaccurate and contained distortions. We encourage readers to visit the links listed above to get full information about this online harassment campaign against child abuse survivors and to read about the scientific research about dissociation and trauma from journal articles written by experienced professionals.