Sunday, May 29, 2011

Neil Brick

In 1995,  Neil Brick founded the SMART newsletter.  In 1996, SMART was on the Internet and in 1998 SMART started having ritual abuse conferences.

There are now 117 newsletters online at

with many conferences with online transcripts and ordering information

Articles by Neil Brick

Neil Brick has worked hard to build a research base for child abuse and ritual abuse survivors.  Neil Brick has worked to develop advocacy efforts to help survivors and their helpers.

There are online articles with inaccurate information about Neil Brick.  This web page responds to factual errors about Neil Brick and his work.  Those interested in contacting Neil for an interview can write smartnews (delete space before @) for more information.

Neil Brick has always been a strong advocate for people thinking for themselves. Neil Brick has encouraged people to use their critical thinking skills and fully research topics.

In one presentation, Neil Brick stated :
“Please use your own judgment and try to research everything as fully as possible. Don’t accept anything anyone says simply because they say it or claim to be an expert or whatever. Try to check it out for yourself.”

Neil Brick’s conference presentation transcripts:

Fighting the Spin : The Truth about Child Abuse Cases

The Move from Blame the Victim to Blame the Helper

Ritual Abuse, the trenches of the stopping child abuse movement

Debating The Non-Believers – Getting equal time for Survivors’ Views

Stopping Ritual Abuse – What can we do today

The 12-step Healing Process and Survivor Advocacy

How healing from ritual abuse and mind control works

How can we advocate for survivors of ritual abuse by example and advocacy?

Stopping Mind Control and Healing

My healing and helping others

My Most Recent Memories and My Personal Growth

Trigger management and conference safety presentation

Other papers, articles and transcripts written by Neil Brick

How Childhood Sexual Abuse Affects Interpersonal Relationships

The Etymological Antecedents of and Scientific Evidence for the Existence of Dissociative Identity Disorder

The Diagnosis and Assessment of Dissociative Identity Disorder

The Neurological Basis for the Theory of Recovered Memory

The Alleged Ethical Violations of Elizabeth Loftus in the Case of Jane Doe

Propaganda & Mind Control
Ritual Abuse and Its Political Implications
Solidarity in the fight against Ritual Abuse and Torture

Advocacy and Saving Lives

Ritual Abuse/Mind Control Presentation

Data proving the existence of recovered memory, ritual abuse, mk-ultra and information on the backlash

How Cues and Programming Work in Mind Control and Propaganda

Video on youtube –

Proof ritual abuse and Satanic ritual abuse exists by Neil Brick

Information on harassment and statements about Neil Brick and SMART